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What is LogBlock?

Logblock logs block changes into a database. Block changes can be placed or destroyed block, explosions, burned blocks, sign text changes, chest access, leaves decay etc. It can be used as griefer identification tool, to find out who built or destroyed a particular building, or even roll back changes by certain players. Other purposes can be r.g. undoing of forest fires

Please note that only Moderators and Administrators can access the LogBlock commands and tools.


  • /lb help

Ingame help

  • /lb params

List of all params

  • /lb commands

List of all commands

  • /lb permissions

List of all LB related permissions you have

  • /lb tool

Gives the lookup tool (default woodpickaxe)

  • /lb tool [on|off]

Toggles whether the tool is enabled or not

  • /lb tool [params]

Binds a new query to the tool. This affects only you and works until server reload/restart.

  • /lb toolblock

Gives the block lookup tool (default bedrock)

  • /lb toolblock [on|off]

Toggles whether the tool block is enabled or not

  • /lb toolblock [params]

Binds a new query to the tool. This affects only you and works until server reload/restart.

  • /lb savequeue

Saves all block changes immediately into database. Useful for rollbacks after huge fires.

  • /lb lookup [params], /lb [params]

Shows you the result of a query.

  • /lb writelogfile [params]

Write the result of a query into a log file to "/plugins/LogBlock/log". The layout is similar to the message from the wood pickaxe. If no results were found, the log file will be empty

  • /lb tp [number]

Teleports you to the location of a block change in the last lookup or rollback errors. To be able to teleport to lookup results you have to use coords param for the lookup, eg:

/lb player notch destroyed block diamond_ore coords
/lb tp 1
/lb tp 2
/lb page 5
/lb tp 62
  • /lb tp [params]

Teleports you to the location of a block change. E.g. /lb tp player diddiz teleports you to the last blockchange of player diddiz.

  • /lb rollback [params], /lb undo [params], /lb rb [params]

Rolls back block changes.

/lb rollback player [playername] since [time] area [range]
/lb rollback player steve since 1d area 10
  • /lb redo [params]

Redoes block changes, counterpart of rollback. This is useful for undoing anything that you may have rolled back accidentally, or something that had mysteriously disappeared.

  • /lb clearlog [params]

Deletes the log. Cannot be undone, except you have dumpDeletedLog enabled and import the dump. It’s highly recommended to do a lookup first, and call /lb clearlog last to avoid deleting accidentally wrong log.

  • /lb hide

Toggles hiding. No actions from a hidden player will be logged!

Special Thanks

-To bootswithdefer for the original LogBlock source code

-To Edward Hand for giving the solution to the rollback crashs

-To NoxNebula for hosting at insane-architects.net

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